MM XX (HD 96Khz​/​24​-​bit)

by Cellular Signal

Wonders Of 05:17
Wishing Well 04:44
Fire and Ice 02:09


MM XX is here! Cellular Signal's debut EP is a groundbreaking release -- at least it is for Cellular Signal's sole member, Shayne White. This is synthpop like you've never heard before. While continuing to build on White's melodic, dynamic progressive wave style, there are new dimensions and layers of vocal harmonies, evolving and morphing textures, punch-to-your-gut drum beats and more. Shayne has also reintroduced his harp on this release, pairing enchanting arpeggios and glissandos with groovy basses and lush, airy pads that are simply breathtaking. Classic analog stereo delays, choruses, phasers, and other effects are everywhere, along with new custom wavetable digital sounds, making MM XX one of the most exciting electronic music releases ever.


released August 21, 2020

Notable instruments and effects used: analog modular synthesizer
-Dave Smith Instruments MophoX4 + Tetra
-Roland Juno-106
-Roland MKS-50
-Native Instruments Form
-Native Instruments Konkakt
-Native Instruments FM8
-Cakewalk Rapture
-Cakewalk Dimension Pro
-Waldorf Attack
-Inear Display Ephemere
-Izotope VocalSynth 2
-Izotope Stutter Edit
-Plogue AlterEgo
-BOSS DM-2w delay
-BOSS Blues Driver overdrive
-BOSS DS-1 distortion
-MXR Analog Chorus
-Ibanez AP-7 phaser
-Loads of VST plugins
-Toca egg shakers + other shakers
-Triplett Celtic harp

Composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shayne White using Cakewalk by Bandlab and Focusrite Clarett 8PreX.


all rights reserved



Cellular Signal

Cellular Signal (formerly ShaYne) is high-definition synthpop that comes from a love of both technology and fine music. CS's style features crisp, fantastic soundscapes that push the envelopes of the entire sound frequency spectrum. This makes the music feel alive and ready to pull you into its world. ... more

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