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#GradTime (HD 96KHz​/​24​-​bit)

by ShaYne

Classroom 00:40
Get an A, get an F Get to class on time Take a test, do your best Or it's not worth a dime I’m a stew, I’m a stew I’m a stewdint stewdint stewdint I’m a stew, I’m a stew I’m a stewdint stewdint stewdint We are kawlhedge stewdints We are kawlhedge stewdints Raise your hand, write it down Read the syllabus Take a look, check the book Is it worth the fuss? I’m a stew, I’m a stew I’m a stewdint stewdint stewdint I’m a stew, I’m a stew I’m a stewdint stewdint stewdint We are kawlhedge stewdints We are kawlhedge stewdints (Spoken: Are you a kawlhedge stewdint? Nah, I ain't no kawlhedge stewdint! But what does this question mean? How do I know? I ain't never been to kawlhedge!)
Biodiversity 05:18
They tower above us The giant sequoias Getting taller and taller


Building on ShaYne's groundbreaking 2016 album Broader Range, #GradTime is the next leap forward. While nodding to the current "synthwave" fad currently sweeping the electronic music scene, this EP carries it a step further. Or two. Or three! Combining the best of analog and digital sounds and recording it all at high-definition 96KHz digital audio, this EP experiments with dynamics as well. You have your punch-through dance energy combined with moments of pulling back, forcing your ears to pay attention to what's going on behind the scenes. Some sounds drop by -20 or -30db. Where did those sounds come from? Listen again.

What is "progressive wave'? Yes, you begin with the '80s dream-synth vibe, but instead of trying to recreate what Gen-Xers had -- which is what current synthwave artists are trying to do -- you move it on to Gen-Z. Twist it up. Chop up the vocals. Raise it up. Bring it down. Make it different. Forget the cheesy lo-fi '80s sounds -- everything now is hi-fi and alive. Look for NEW sounds. No tired old Linn-Drums or TR-808!

Welcome to the Progressive Wave Experience. WAV, AIFF, and FLAC downloads will be full-resolution 96KHz. ALAC download will be 48KHz for iPhone compatibility. All other formats will be standard quality.


released December 1, 2017

Composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shayne White using Cakewalk Sonar Platinum at high-definition 96KHz with a 64-bit mixing engine. Photography by Shayne White.

Notable instruments and effects:

- Dave Smith Mopho X4 + Tetra (8-voice analog poly beast!)
- Roland Juno-106
- Synthesizers.com analog modular syntheiszer
- Native Instruments FM8
- Native Instruments Absynth
- Cakewalk Rapture
- InEar Display Ephemere
- Waldorf Attack
- Plogue AlterEgo - featuring the voices of "Daisy" and "Bones"
- Boss DM-2w analog delay effect (I use this practically everywhere)
- Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
- Ibanez AP-7 phaser
- MXR Analog Chorus
- LiquidSonics Reverberate Core convolution reverb
- Izotope VocalSynth
- Izotope Stutter Edit


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Cellular Signal

Cellular Signal (formerly ShaYne) is high-definition synthpop that comes from a love of both technology and fine music. CS's style features crisp, fantastic soundscapes that push the envelopes of the entire sound frequency spectrum. This makes the music feel alive and ready to pull you into its world. ... more

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